Can a realtor sell a mobile or manufactured home?

Can a realtor sell a manufactured or mobile home?

The answer is yes, no, or maybe. A realtor can sell a manufactured or mobile home on real property. A realtor cannot sell a mobile or manufactured home that is not on real property in Oregon. Unless the realtor has a Manufactured Structures Dealer license as required in the state of Oregon.

Each state may vary on laws, statutes, and guidelines. Refer to your state on those rules and regulations. They are ever changing even in our state of Oregon.

If the realtor is licensed to sell a manufactured home would you want them to list your home? Possibly.

Many realtors don’t specialize in mobile homes and that’s why they are realtors. They focus and specialize in real estate.

There are some major differences between real estate and mobile homes. Here are a few.

Mobile home differences.

  1. Prices are lower with mobile homes
  2. Financing is for personal property.
  3. Appraisals
  4. Comparable pricing
  5. Marketing
  6. Commissions lower
  7. Park approvals needed
  8. Lease the land

These are just some highlighted differences. If a realtor doesn’t know the ins and outs of these items it could spell disaster.

If you need an attorney for divorce you wouldn’t hire a defense attorney for criminal charges.

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